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Have You Started Yet?

Personal Development & Spirituality -

Have You Started Yet?

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb

Every success story has to begin somewhere. Whether your goal is to lose weight or start your own business or travel the world or find a new love, at some point you have to take the first step.

You have to start.

But sometimes we confuse energy with action. Just because you’ve devoted a lot of thought and conversation into starting, doesn’t mean you’ve actually started.

Starting is indicated by visible, measurable action.

Starting looks like:

Starting does not look like:

  • talking to your family and friends about starting
  • reading a million books and blogs about how to start
  • tweeting about how much you want to start
  • promising yourself (for the 11th time) that you’re going to start tomorrow

Starting is starting. And if you’re waiting until all the conditions are perfect to start, then you never will.

Have you started yet?

If not, what is the simplest single action you can take today to GET started?

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