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HBW 009: How to Find Your Greatest Self Through Image Therapy with Liana Chaouli

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HBW 009: How to Find Your Greatest Self Through Image Therapy with Liana Chaouli

Today’s guest, Liana Chaouli, has been in the work of Image Therapy for over 30 years. She wants to help as many people as possible to see their own beauty – to become empowered through their clothing choices. She loves to teach women how to choose clothes that flatter their bodies and made them feel worthy, strong, and as uniquely beautiful as they truly are, so they can show up authentically in the world! With thirty years’ experience as a custom clothing designer, color specialist, and a Master Couturier, Liana is a high-level clothing craftsman, patternmaker, and seamstress who understands all the facets of clothing that fits the way it should on your body. This is a very interesting conversation that reveals much of what Liana is about. You’ll be intrigued by the things she has to share today, on the Happy Black Woman podcast.

Image Therapy encompasses everything. Find out why on the Happy Black Woman Podcast
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The confusing contrast of confidence in one sphere and insecurity in another.

Liana Chaouli was an interpreter at a foreign embassy when she saw this contrast for the first time, and it broke her heart. She was working with the wife of a foreign ambassador, a woman who was stately and confident in certain contexts. But at the same time, hidden deep within was a lack of confidence, possibly even a self-contempt that impacted the way she lived and most importantly, the way she felt about herself. It was that experience that motivated Liana to become an advocate for women (and eventually men as well) finding their true self and living out of the beauty of who they have been made to be. You can hear Liana’s unbelievable story on this episode of the Happy Black Woman podcast, so be sure to listen.

“When I see a client step into their greatness, that is the proudest moment for me.”

That’s what today’s guest, Liana Chaouli says when asked what makes her the most proud. It’s not about her or her accomplishments. It’s about seeing other people realize the deep truths about who they are and begin to live those out in the real world. It’s an honor she’s been able to have over and over as she’s worked with people from all walks of life, helping them understand their own personal style and come into their own. You can hear about her fascinating approach to helping people on this episode of The Happy Black Woman.

“If we want to get bigger, there is a way.” – Liana Chaouli
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Inspired by the presence of awe.

When Rosetta asked Liana Chaouli who inspires her, the first answer she gave was “children.” But she quickly rephrased her response to explain that it’s the awe and wonder that children experience and express that is what inspires her. She feels energized and alive, ready to tackle the next dream when she sees people enjoying and living in the wonder of life. It’s her desire to do that through helping people maximize their wardrobe and appearance to reflect the real person who is inside. Learn more about Liana’s approach and work on this episode of the Happy Black Woman Podcast.

The #1 tip Liana Chaouli gives to the Happy Black Woman community.

On the road to your destiny you’ll have many people tell you that you can’t do it, that you should do it, that it’s dangerous or foolish to go after your dreams. Liana Chaouli has advice for anyone who finds themselves facing that kind of discouragement: Don’t listen to people. Well meaning people will bring their past into your present to destroy your future, if you let them. You can’t listen to their objections or discouragement. You have to stick to your guns and keep pressing toward your dreams. Rosetta Thurman draws this kind of advice out of her guest today so do what you can to block out some time to listen to this episode.

“A big vision encourages me to get bigger as a person.” – Liana Chaouli
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:24] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Liana Chaouli, image therapist.
  • [2:04] Liana’s mission: To provide transformation through the power of wardrobe.
  • [3:42] How image therapy works.
  • [7:06] Rosetta’s experience working with Liana.
  • [8:08] How Liana got interested in being an image therapist.
  • [11:37] What is Liana most proud of in the work she’s done?
  • [14:23] What’s behind the scenes of Liana’s typical day?
  • [18:50] How do you stay productive, Liana?
  • [21:10] Where does Liana want to be in the next 5 years?
  • [26:21] Who inspires you Liana?
  • [28:26] What is your favorite book?
  • [30:42] A personal mantra Liana lives by.
  • [33:00] Liana’s #1 tip to the Happy Black Woman community.
  • [36:32] Rosetta’s summary of the episode.

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“Most people use clothing as a way to hide from the world.” – Liana Chaouli
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“Your closet is a toolbox you can use to uplevel your life!” – Liana Chaouli
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