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HBW 011: Jesse Krieger on How to Build a Business and Brand Around a Book

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HBW 011: Jesse Krieger on How to Build a Business and Brand Around a Book

Today’s guest, Jesse Krieger is an amazing example of the kind of life you can live if you strategically take action to make it happen. His publishing company, Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press is based around his personal success as a best-selling author, with his book hitting #1 in the Personal Success category on Amazon. He’s leveraged his success to help other entrepreneurs who desire to build a brand or business around a book get that book published and ranking high on the best-seller charts as well. In this conversation with Rosetta Thurman, Jesse shares some of his story and practical tips about heading into a life that allows you the freedom and income to pursue your dreams. You won’t want to miss this!

You can leverage a book to build your entire business. Find out how on this episode
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You can build a brand and a business around a book, and Jesse Krieger is the man to show you how!

Even if you wrote a best-selling book that would likely not be the means by which you’d gain a ton of income. But the content of the book does a number of things for you. #1 – it enables you to have a “business card” that is a book, a way for you to demonstrate your expertise in a tangible publication that people naturally respect. #2 – it lays the groundwork for you to build additional content off the topics you cover in the book, anything from online courses and video sets, to live events and speaking engagements. There’s no limit to the ways you can leverage a book, if you know how to do it the right way. Today’s guest, Jesse Krieger, is the man to help you do it, so be sure you listen to this episode of the Happy Black Woman!

Start rough and improve as you go.

Jesse Krieger may be a best-selling author and a publisher, but his success didn’t happen on the first take. In this conversation he tells how he created a small, partly finished book, then modified it by adding more content, then continued to tweak and update it as he went along. That enabled him to get something finished and continue to build. Alongside his improvements, his business was growing at the same time. It’s a philosophy he subscribes to and suggests that you follow. Don’t wait for your “thing” to be perfect before you release it. Get it out there and make improvements as you go. That’s how you learn what your market wants and needs and it’s how you get yourself rolling toward creating the great things you have in mind. Learn Jesse’s thoughts on this important issue by listening to this episode.

Have you heard of the “big rocks’ philosophy of goal setting?

Jesse Krieger refers to an illustration his mentor taught him that uses a jar, large rocks, small rocks, sand, and water. It’s a great way to conceptualize how you should go about prioritizing things in your life and business. The original illustration was taught by Stephen Covey and it continues to be a guiding principle for many entrepreneurs and business people today. You can see the illustration in this video, or even better, listen to this episode of the Happy Black Woman Podcast to hear how today’s guest, Jesse Krieger, uses the concept to move his publishing empire forward month by month.

You want freedom? Then you’ll have to develop structure in your life.

That may sound a bit counterintuitive, but it’s actually very logical. Freedom is like any other goal, you have to put things in place that will enable it to happen. You can’t just live a free flowing life and expect your desired freedom to come about. Jesse Krieger, today’s guest, suggests that you need to put the systems and tools in place that enable you to manage the demands of life in a way that affords you the freedom of lifestyle and time that you want. If you don’t, you’ll be at the beck and call of whatever comes your way. Find out how Jesse does it on this episode.

If you want lifestyle freedom it’s going to require structure. Get the details on this episode
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The top 3 resources you need to publish a book this year!

Today’s guest, Jesse Krieger, is a publisher and is eager to see more and more entrepreneurs get their books written and published. Toward that end he shares a powerful free resource with the Happy Black Woman community in this episode. It’s “The Top 3 Resources You Need In Order to Publish A Book This Year!” Jesse’s a take-action kind of guy and this list is designed with that same mentality and approach. You can get a copy of this great author resource by listening to this episode!

The top 3 tools you need in order to publish a book this year ~ from Jesse Krieger
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:24] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Jesse Krieger
  • [3:05] The “mission” Jesse is on: To create a new type of publishing company, helping entrepreneurs become bestselling authors.
  • [3:56] How Jesse does his work to make authors successful.
  • [6:54] How a book can become a cornerstone of your business and brand.
  • [8:19] The inspiration behind what Jesse is doing in his business.
  • [11:08] The power behind getting a rough version started and improving as you go.
  • [12:54] How does Jesse get things done and stay productive?
  • [18:10] Creating your own structure that provides the freedom you want.
  • [18:49] What freedom looks like for Jesse.
  • [21:08] Jesse’s goals for the next 5 years.
  • [24:14] The people who keep Jesse inspired.
  • [28:17] Jesse’s favorite books.
  • [30:07] A mantra Jesse uses in his life.
  • [32:23] The #1 tip Jesse gives entrepreneurs wanting to build a brand around a book.
  • [36:39] How you can get in touch with Jesse or find out more about him.

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How to build your business or brand around a book, with Jesse Krieger
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Happy Black Woman is on the air, with expert guest, Jesse Krieger
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