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HBW 013: How to Create More “Happy Hours” in 2016 with Jullien Gordon

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HBW 013: How to Create More “Happy Hours” in 2016 with Jullien Gordon

The typical meaning of the phrase “Happy Hour” is the time just after work when everyone goes to a bar or restaurant to blow off some stress after the workday. But Rosetta’s guest today, Jullien Gordon, specializes in helping entrepreneurs and business professionals live every hour as a happy hour, especially in the work hours of the day. He believes that the way to be your best and make the most of your work life is to employ strategies that help you see your work and life through new eyes. On this episode you’re going to hear Jullien explain what he means by “happy hours” and how he recommends you create them every day. You won’t want to miss this!

How to have more “happy hours” in your life, in this episode of the Happy Black Woman Podcast
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Jullien’s lessons about workaholism and proper boundaries.

Before Jullien Gordon was married, he worked long hours every day. It was part of his regular routine and he loved it. But after he married, his wife helped him see that what he’d really done was build habits of workaholism that no longer served him well in his new life. When a baby was added to the mix he realized quickly that things had to change. Jullien’s added boundaries to his work day now, even though he’s an entrepreneur. He makes room for his family and fosters those relational moments that are so necessary for a healthy relationship. On this episode of Happy Black Woman, Jullien shares two daily practices that keep his marriage tight and his priorities balanced, so be sure you listen.

Why you need boundaries for your work.

Very few occupations or niches require a true “emergency” response (Doctors, nurses, etc.). You can and you should set boundaries to limit your focus on work activities. Not only will it provide you time to decompress and get the rest your body and soul need, it will also enable you to spend much needed time on hobbies or relationships that could be lacking. On this episode you’re going to hear how Jullien Gordon found that balance for himself and how he advises clients to do the same thing in their busy lives.

Setting boundaries for your work could be the best thing you ever do
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Get help for your business before you think you need it.

Yes, adding more to the payroll is an additional expense. But if you do a proper search and find the right person, they will add money to your income rather than take money from your profits. In this episode Jullien Gordon shares how he reached out to his existing community to find just the right person to add to his team as a Virtual Assistant. It was a creative way that brought him very qualified applicants and enabled him to be freed up to create even more value and revenue for his company. You’ll want to hear this one.

How you can increase revenue without adding one customer.

You might think it’s done through raising your prices, but you’d be wrong. On this episode of the Happy Black Woman Podcast, Jullien Gordon shares how he increased his revenue significantly without adding one client to his portfolio. It was a simple service that he was able to add to what he was already doing that gave tremendous additional value to his existing clients and increased his bottom line. It’s an ingenious idea that you’ll only hear on this episode of the podcast.

How you can increase revenue without adding a single customer or client
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:29] Rosetta’s welcome to this episode and her introduction of her guest, Jullien Gordon.
  • [1:35] Jullien’s mission in life: Increasing happy hours.
  • [4:22] How Jullien started his business in the first place.
  • [8:15] Getting past workaholism and maximizing life.
  • [10:02] Specific things Jullien did to grow his business.
  • [12:05] The power of hiring help to run your business and maximize your time.
  • [14:39] How Jullien went about creating products for existing clients.
  • [18:19] Why you need to create boundaries for your work.
  • [20:43]  Jullien typical work day
  • [25:20] Balancing work with marriage and family life.
  • [29:08] What makes Jullien happy?
  • [30:55] Jullien’s book recommendation.
  • [32:06] A personal mantra Jullien lives by.
  • [33:50] Jullien’s #1 tip to women wanting to start a business.
  • [35:29] How to connect with Jullien.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

About Jullien Gordon:

Jullien Gordon has a passion for creating tools and experiences for self-discovery. When he is not speaking, coaching, or writing, he’s all about helping people experience MORE HAPPY HOURS in their lives. This is how he measures success.

As Founder of The Focused Group, Jullien is bringing mastermind groups to the masses through his monthly group goal-setting and accountability meetings. After battling with workaholism during the early stages of his first company, he began exploring and experimenting with new ways to work. As a former soccer player and coach, he believes that life is a team sport, but most people are ambitious and alone. Jullien has come to recognize that community and accountability are the holy grail to success, not effort, and when you surround yourself with a strong team, you can have success without the stress, sacrifice, and solitude.

On a more personal note, he loves taking walks with his wife, swimming with his daughter, and hosting potlucks with his family and friends. He has been keeping a daily gratitude journal for the past 5 years that documents more moments like these and he is proud of the life he has already created and continues to create.

In case these things really matter to you, in 2007, Jullien received two masters degrees from Stanford University—his MBA and Masters in Education—and in 2003 he received his B.A. from UCLA in 3 years. He has been featured on MSNBC, Forbes, TED, and Black Enterprise for his work helping thousands of professionals be more present and perform higher in their lives and careers. And he is originally from Oakland, California and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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How to make sure your business is not just another job with a new boss
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