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HBW027: Jennifer Kennedy: Helping Women Make the Impact They Were Born to Make

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HBW027: Jennifer Kennedy: Helping Women Make the Impact They Were Born to Make

Today’s guest is Jennifer Kennedy, founder of Teach Good Stuff. Her mission is simple: to help women make the impact they were born to make. Jennifer spent 8 years as a teacher, but knew she wasn’t fulfilling her true potential. She decided to leave teaching and get her Masters in Education. From there, she spent time working in “corporate America”, but found herself feeling uninspired and unfulfilled. Jennifer never spent time dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, but knew she wanted to build a life of freedom and independence. Over time and after a bit of experimentation, she found her niche in online education. Her purpose was to teach people, which is exactly what she does at Teach Good Stuff. Jennifer shares some amazing insights into how she built a successful business and how you can too.

My personal mantra is “It’s time to move” ~ Jennifer Kennedy, #TeachGoodStuff
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How you can get started with your own online business.

According to Jennifer, step one is pretty straightforward: find an idea. It may sound simple, but it certainly isn’t. Jennifer explains the importance of not only finding your idea, but also finding one that is going to work and will make you money. Jennifer shares how many people neglect the first (essential) steps of creating a successful online course, especially the idea. Without it, Jennifer says, you’ll be lost as to what your purpose is and your direction. Jennifer delves into the concept of starting with the end. She explains how this can help you build an idea from start to finish with a grasp on what you want students to gain from the course.

The value of creating a weekly schedule and sticking to it.

Jennifer is no stranger to balancing a busy schedule. The key to succeeding: making a weekly schedule and sticking to it. Jennifer shares her daily routine and how she schedules absolutely everything she plans to do in a day, including priorities like spending time with her boyfriend and walking her dog. Her focus is on being very intentional about guarding her time and energy. She shares a few simple parts of her daily routine that keep her focused, centered, and grounded. Minimizing distractions, Jennifer says, can be the key to succeeding with an online business. She also shares some technology tips that make it easy for anyone to get started with an online course.

My mission is to help women make the #impact they were born to make ~ Jennifer Kennedy
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Enjoy this moment; this moment is your life.

As Rosetta continues her chat with Jennifer, they discuss the things in life that make Jennifer happy. Jennifer explains how the simply things truly do make a difference and that life is about moments. Finding ways to inject happiness throughout your day is essential and for Jennifer it comes, at least in part, from her ability to create a schedule that helps to protect her time. Fitting in things like time with family, dancing, travelling, and other sources of happiness are key. Jennifer goes on to share her go to book and her personal mantra, which comes from Los Angeles Pastor Touré Roberts. Staying true to her mission, Jennifer focuses on helping women like her find a way to build the happy life they deserve.

The secret to life is to fall 7 times and stand up 8.

As Jennifer and Rosetta’s conversation comes to a close, they discuss in greater detail the impact Jennifer’s personal mantra had on her. Her mantra came from a sermon by Pastor Touré Roberts: It’s time to move. This mantra is what propelled Jennifer into action towards her dreams. She shares her #1 tip for women who are ready to move towards their dreams. Jennifer discusses how focusing on doing things that make her happy has transformed her life. This inspiring conversation is sure to motivate you into taking action to build the life you deserve. Jennifer is here to help you make the impact you were born to make.

Enjoy this moment, this moment is your life ~ Jennifer Kennedy, #TeachGoodStuff
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:32] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Jennifer Kennedy.
  • [1:14] Jennifer’s mission and the work that she does.
  • [2:45] Understanding how Jennifer makes that impact online.
  • [4:10] What inspired Jennifer to start this business?
  • [8:29] Some action steps that go into creating an online course.
  • [12:53] What kind of technology is required to put an online course together?
  • [16:31] Jennifer’s daily routine and how she stays on track.
  • [20:36] What inspires Jennifer and what keeps her going?
  • [22:49] One book that has inspired Jennifer in her journey.
  • [25:02] Jennifer’s personal mantra.
  • [26:57] Jennifer’s #1 tip for women who are ready to follow their dreams.
  • [29:00] How you can connect with Jennifer.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

BOOK: “The Alchemist

Jennifer Kennedy’s website: www.TeachGoodStuff.com – get your free guides from Jennifer today at www.TeachGoodStuff.com/guides





About Jennifer Kennedy

Jennifer Kennedy is an educator and coach for women whose purpose is to make an impact on this world. Through her amazingly helpful blog posts, trainings, and workbooks, she’s here to show you how to use your expertise to create and sell digital products. She is the founder of Teach Good Stuff, the creator of Create a Course That Matters (an 8 week program designed to help you create and launch your e-course), and a speaker.

Jennifer is a former elementary school teacher. During her eight years as a teacher, she earned both the Teacher of the Year and Leadership awards. She has spoken for the Blogging While Brown, BlogHer, At the Helm, and Toastmasters International conferences. Her current fans and customers have said that she “is completely committed to her work”, “cares deeply about her customers”, and “helps you see that you have an awesome gift to share”. Most importantly, she is dedicated to helping you create meaningful content and make money online – with ease and joy.

Jennifer lives in Long Beach, California. When she’s not coaching or writing, you can find her hanging out with her greyhound, Majic, traveling the world, and sipping the finest red wines (especially Malbec).

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