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HBW036: Dr. Ruby Thomas: Teaching Mothers How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

Podcast, Self-Care & Wellness -

HBW036: Dr. Ruby Thomas: Teaching Mothers How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

On today’s episode of the Happy Black Women, Rosetta chats with a member of the HBW inner circle, Dr. Ruby Thomas. Dr. Ruby is a pediatrician on a mission to teach mothers how to transition to a plant-based diet and the health benefits it can have. Her goal is to help families live healthier lifestyles by transitioning to a vegan diet and she offers coaching and support to guide them through the process. Dr. Ruby was inspired to pursue this passion after seeing tremendous benefits after going vegan herself. She shares with Rosetta the health benefits that come with this lifestyle shift and how she’s managed to turn her passion into a thriving business.

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The mindset shift of transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Dr. Ruby shares the process of coaching women and families through the transition process. The most important part? Changing your mindset and getting rid of the misconceptions about what it means to go vegan. Dr. Ruby discusses how she helps her clients overcome this mindset shift and begin the transition process with a gradual change in eating habits. It’s all about getting your mind right and understanding the “why” behind this change. For Dr. Ruby, the reward is in seeing families become healthier by making these changes.

The inspiration behind Dr. Ruby’s business and how she made it a business.

In Dr. Ruby’s work as a pediatrician, she sees many children suffering from nutrition-related health issues. After years of seeing patients with issues like this, Dr. Ruby realized she had to help. Once she started seeing huge results in her own health and wellness from transitioning to a plant-based diet, she knew her mission was to help other mothers do the same. Dr. Ruby wants to see other families experience the same benefits in order to live healthier lives. She shares some simple tips you can start with today to begin making gradual improvements to your lifestyle.

The importance of changing your #mindset if you want to improve your eating habits, on this…
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Simple strategies that can have a huge impact.

Dr. Ruby offers some advice to women who are ready to improve their eating habits. She says that many of us overlook the source of many daily calories: drinks. The easiest way to deal with this? Replace sugary drinks with water and add fruit for flavoring. It may sound simple, but according to Dr. Ruby, it can have a huge ripple effect on your health. Another simple way to add healthier eating habits into your daily routine: have a smoothie in the morning. Dr. Ruby shares some ingredients in her daily smoothie to give you an idea of where to start. The biggest takeaway? Eating healthy isn’t time-consuming; it’s all about planning.

How you can eat out and stick to your diet.

As Rosetta closes out her chat with Dr. Ruby, they discuss some tips that can help when you’re on the go. Always carry healthy snacks. Dr. Ruby shares how easy it can be to eat healthy on the go. She also shares a favorite healthy snack her children request: Lara Bars. Dr. Ruby leaves us with some final inspiration to point us in the right direction, including how to cope with your guilty pleasure and make it healthy. She also offers her #1 tip for women who are ready to pursue their passion and turn it into a business. Dr. Ruby Thomas offers tons of insight into the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how making the transition doesn’t have to be difficult.

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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:36] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Dr. Ruby Thomas.
  • [1:21] Dr. Ruby’s mission and the work that she does.
  • [2:27] How Dr. Ruby helps people with her health and wellness coaching.
  • [3:46] What inspired you to turn this into a business?
  • [5:39] Some tips and strategies that can help someone who wants to get started in a plant-based lifestyle.
  • [10:08] Dr. Ruby shares some more simple tips that you can implement into your lifestyle.
  • [11:54] Replacing unhealthy calories with healthy calories.
  • [13:03] Dr. Ruby’s daily routine and how she sticks with her healthy lifestyle.
  • [14:59] Some strategies that help her family stay healthy.
  • [17:44] The importance of starting a healthy lifestyle early in your child’s life.
  • [18:48] A favorite book that has inspired Dr. Ruby on her journey.
  • [20:40] Dr. Ruby’s personal mantra.
  • [21:55] What makes Dr. Ruby a Happy Black Woman?
  • [22:45] Dr. Ruby’s guilty pleasure.
  • [23:57] The #1 tip for women who are thinking about starting a business doing what they love.
  • [26:56] How to connect with Dr. Ruby.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

BOOK: “Roots

PERSONAL MANTRA: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Dr. Ruby Thomas’s Website: www.ThePlantBasedPediatrician.com – get your free gift from Dr. Ruby.

About Ruby Thomas

Dr. Ruby Thomas is a board certified pediatrician with specialized training in preventive and integrative medicine. She received her medical degree and completed her medical training at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. Throughout her career, Dr. Ruby has pursued training in nutrition, integrative medicine, and health coaching. She is passionate about empowering families to transform their lives and heal from chronic illness through plant based nutrition.  Her blog and website is www.theplantbasedpediatrician.com, and she provides health coaching, education, and consulting services for individuals, families, and communities. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and 2 sons. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and painting.

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