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HBW042: Veronica Richardson: Guiding Women to the Life They Truly Desire

Podcast -

HBW042: Veronica Richardson: Guiding Women to the Life They Truly Desire

Today’s guest on Happy Black Woman is a valued member of the HBW inner circle, Veronica Richardson. Veronica is on a mission to guide women who are in transition from broken relationships, failed attempts, and stagnant mindsets to a place of self-discovery in creating the life they truly desire. In this chat with Rosetta, Veronica shares her passion for the work that she does and what led her to discover her true purpose in life. She is inspiringly open about her journey and the “why” behind the work she does today through her business A Renewed Mind. Veronica helps women embrace their true selves and life an authentic life.

I’m on a mission to guide #women in #transition to the life they truly desire ~ Veronica…
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Find your way to an authentic life.

For Veronica, embracing her true self didn’t come naturally. She was raised in a single-parent household and faced the trauma of having an addict father from a young age. This forced Veronica to take on responsibilities in the household that would prevent her from being – or even seeing – her true self. She explains how she lived a life devoted to taking care of others, which in turn led to neglecting herself. This lack of self-care became a habit and – in 2011 – she was faced with a devastating separation, which became the foundation of her journey to truth. After finally being okay with loving herself and being authentic in the things she desired, it became clear to Veronica that she was meant to help other women. And so, A Renewed Life was born.

The value of being okay with loving yourself.

In Veronica’s life, taking care of others took precedence over self-care for many years. It wasn’t until she truly began to understand that it’s okay to love herself that she started to heal and become her authentic self. Veronica discusses how her childhood contributed to her inability to nurture herself and the power of finally coming to a place of self-love. She also shares the importance of really taking inventory of your life and making sure the people around you are living the life you want. Veronica offers some action steps that can help women who are ready for a renewed life get started.

Action steps to help you live an authentic life, on this episode of #HappyBlackWoman
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Start now and improve later.

Veronica delves into one of the most important lessons of her journey: embracing fear and doing it anyway. She shares the importance of starting now and improving later and why this mindset can be truly transformative. Veronica goes further into the concept of envisioning the life you want – no matter what your life is now – and why you must surround yourself with people who are moving in the direction you want to go. She also discusses why it’s important to clean up your friends list when you realize some of the people in your life are holding you back.

Giving yourself permission to try.

This powerful discussion with Rosetta is filled with wisdom, insight, and inspiration that will leave you feeling ready to embrace your true self. Veronica shares some final advice for women who are ready to follow their dreams and start a business doing what they love: give yourself permission to try. She explains why it’s so important to get out of your own way and get out of your own head. Veronica gives insight into how we can actually be holding ourselves back from living an authentic life and it’s time to let yourself follow your purpose. She also shares her personal mantra: Say yes to my no, which is all about facing your fears and doing things that make you a little uncomfortable. According to Veronica, if you want something different, you have to do something different.

Why it’s important to surround yourself with women who are moving in the direction you want to…
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:32] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest,
  • [1:41] Veronica’s mission and the work that she does.
  • [4:33] How Veronica is able to help women and the process they go through with her.
  • [7:04] The importance of being okay with loving yourself.
  • [8:44] What that inspired her to turn her purpose into a business.
  • [13:26] Some action steps that women can start with if they’re ready to have a renewed life.
  • [16:21] A few more tips from Veronica you can implement today.
  • [21:52] A book that has inspired Veronica on your journey.
  • [23:17] Veronica’s personal mantra.
  • [25:27] Veronica’s #1 tip for women who are ready to pursue their dreams and start a business.
  • [27:16] How you can connect with Veronica.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

BOOK: “Their Eyes Were Watching God

MANTRA: Say yes to my no.

Veronica Richardson’s website: www.ARenewedMindToday.com  – get your free guide: Starting Over: Create the New You

About Veronica Richardson

Veronica Richardson MS, CLC, Founder of A Renewed Mind is an expert in the field of coaching and counseling. Both her personal and professional experiences lend themselves to her delivery.  A Renewed Mind comes from a place of self-discovery for founder, Veronica Richardson.  After experiencing a separation, being forced into single parenthood and becoming a “side chick” to a married man, she discovered that being true to your own desires is the only way to be FREE. A life of pseudo-happiness, bitterness, confusion and resentment became normal.  However, as her personal growth story evolved, so did A Renewed Mind.  “My main goal in starting A Renewed Mind has been to guide other women who are in transition from broken relationships, failed attempts and stagnant mindsets to a place of self-discovery and learning to take A.C.T.I.O.N in creating the life they truly desire.”  “I’ve been the wife and mother and for years played my part as the side chick. In both situations I thought I was happy. I have no regrets because every moment helped strengthen me and bring me to the realization of what happiness really is.” “I now go BOLDLY after all this life has to offer, unapologetically.”

Prior to becoming certified life coach, Veronica earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Old Dominion University and her Master’s Degree in Study of Human Behaviors from Capella University. Professionally, she has served as an Adult Protective Investigator, Mental Health Counselor, In Home Counselor and Therapeutic Day Counselor (School Based) as well as a Social Worker.

Veronica loves to travel and has created a life that allows her to visit a new island every summer.  She is a foodie, loving all things food related.  She enjoys a good book, time with family and friends and a good glass of Moscato.

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The power of saying yes to your no, on this episode of #HappyBlackWoman
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