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How Much Do You Really Need?

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How Much Do You Really Need?

This is where I am living now. I found it on Airbnb Sublets.

It’s been five months since I gave up my apartment and I’ve found a new place to explore. This week, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland. I am renting a room in a Bolton Hill townhouse. It is a lovely neighborhood. I will be here until the spring, maybe longer.

When I got back from drinking mai tais in Hawaii and visiting family in Florida, I stayed at my mom’s house until I decided where I wanted to go next. I looked at several places in the area as I wanted to stay close to home for a while. I missed a lot of things I didn’t think I would miss. Like being able to drive my own car to the store whenever I felt like it.

Before I left for Hawaii, I had two bins of clothing being stored at my mom’s house, along with two bins of books. Now, I’m down to just one 20-gallon plastic bin that fits all the clothing I own. That’s because when I came back, I took all the clothes I hadn’t worn in the last six months and gave them to a charity that picks up bags of items from your home.

This is the room I’m staying in now.

In it is a bed, a nightstand, a mirror. There’s a yoga mat on the other side of the room that you can’t see. I have my own bathroom. There is wi-fi here but no desk, which forces me to go downstairs to the dining room table or out to one of the many neighborhood coffee shops to do my work. Yesterday, I wrote three blog posts and booked a speaking engagement while eating french toast and sushi at one of my favorite restaurant/cafes, XS. I love that I can walk there from where I’m staying.

It costs less than $500 to live here for a month.

Everything I own now fits into my car. (Plus, my car.)

I’m learning that the list of what I really need in life is very short. With my expenses way down, I can focus on paying debt and saving money for a trip abroad this year.

How much do you really need? If you downsized your living situation, would it help you reach other goals you have for your life?

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