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How to Be Coachable

Business & Money, Personal Development & Spirituality -

How to Be Coachable

As a coach, I love celebrating my client’s big WINS!

Not only does it lift them up, but it energizes me and constantly reaffirms my commitment to the work of empowering women to transform their lives.

Last week, one of my private business coaching clients booked her very first PAYING client for $1200!

It was such a wonderful experience to see her open to the possibility of actually getting paid to do what she loves – and eventually be able to leave her job.

I feel so blessed to be able to support the women in our tribe who are stepping into their power as changemakers in this world.

If you have a coach…

You will get the best results if you are coachable and allow yourself to be guided outside of your comfort zone.

That’s where real transformation happens.

If you have a coach…

Follow their advice and don’t let resistance get in the way of you getting what you want.

Because as my client said so beautifully the other day:

“Whenever you push me, good things happen.” ‪

A few days ago, I shared that we are shutting down my private coaching program on March 1 so I can focus on our upcoming group programs and events, plus do some more traveling this year.

We’ve been inundated with dozens of applications since then – what an incredible response!

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to speak with everyone who has applied since my calendar has filled up so quickly. (To give you an idea, we typically only approve about 1 in 4 applications that come in.)


I wanted to invite you to put your name on our business coaching wait list just in case we have any cancellations.

We will also be able to notify you if any future opportunities come up to work with me on your business!

Add your name to the Launch Your Business Coaching Wait List

If you’re coachable and ready to create your ideal lifestyle by launching or relaunching your business this year, please stay tuned for more opportunities to learn from me and the amazing women in our Happy Black Woman community!

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