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How to Stay Committed to Your Dreams When Things Get Hard

Personal Development & Spirituality -

How to Stay Committed to Your Dreams When Things Get Hard

It’s 10:00pm in Hawaii.

Right now, I’m listening to “Little Dreamer” by Lion Babe.

I’m sitting in my big purple reading chair reflecting on the past week, which has been filled with incredible experiences.

From attending my first Submarine Ball with my handsome sailor…

To flying out to San Diego for a 2-day business retreat where I masterminded with successful entrepreneurs and went indoor skydiving for the first time…

To teaching my new virtual workshop – “How to Host Your First Live Event” and getting amazing feedback…

To speaking at a live women’s event here in Honolulu on how to launch a profitable online business…

Life is full and abundant.

And yet…

Things are not “perfect.”

For the past few months, I’ve been working through some family issues with a therapist.

I’ve also been working with a high-level business mentor to help me grow Happy Black Woman to $1M in revenue.

And I recently hired a leadership coach to support me in the area of hiring and managing staff.

While this important inner work has been rewarding, it has often been messy and exhausting.

This is the journey of a dreamer.







Sometimes it can feel like a rollercoaster that never ends.

And if you try to walk this walk alone, it can feel like you’re drowning with each step.

If you don’t have a support network, you can fall into a “funk” and watch hope fade away with each negative thought.

So tonight, I just wanted to remind you that no matter what may be going on in your life…

You can still dream.

And those dreams can still come true.

It’s not too late.

Your dreams are just waiting on you to attend to them.

To honor them with love and kindness.

Even when you hit roadblocks.

Even when you run into snags.

Problems are NOT a sign for you to give up.

They are simply reminders for you take care of yourself during the process.

Sleep, little dreamer
Don’t forget to rest your little head


Nourish your body.

Protect your energy.

Ask for help when you need it.

Request support and be willing to receive it.

Remember, you are a beautiful dreamer.

Be gentle with your dreams.

Let them inspire and motivate you.

Let them carry you through.


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