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Jannie Ligons, who reported Holtzclaw to the police, was joined by other victims outside of the Oklahoma County District Courthouse with civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who represented five of the victims.

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Douglasville residents were thrilled to see a change in the political makeup of their small, rural city last week when Rochelle Robinson was elected mayor, making her both the first female and the first Black politician to hold the seat,

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Unemployment rates are falling for almost everyone in America, but remain exceptionally high for Black women. According to Labor Department statistics gathered by IBTimes.com, nearly 10.6 percent of adult African-American women above 20 are unemployed. This shameful statistic has remained unchanged since last year. Between June 2009 and June 2011, Black women lost 258,000 jobs while Black men gained 127,000 jobs. The National Women’s […]

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Men tend to get all of the credit for everything, especially the Civil Rights Movement. While Dr. Martin L. King Jr. and Malcolm X are known as the faces of the movement, black history is brimming with women whose contributions are equally noteworthy. Here’s our list of black women who helped to advance the race […]

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