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Today, BET announced that their longtime CEO Debra Lee was stepping down from the position. See what the company had to say about her departure.

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The day before her new album Dirty Computer is released, Janelle Monae will be premiering a movie to go along with it.  Dirty Computer: An Emotion Picture is a 44-minute sci-fi film that Monae says tells “a near-future story about …

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From UPI.com:

NEW YORK, May 18 (UPI) — Singer and actress Queen Latifah has signed on as host of the 10th BET Awards show in Los Angeles next month, BET Networks said Tuesday.

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From TheDailyBeast.com:

Black Entertainment Television, which Sheila Crump Johnson and her husband Bob started three decades ago with $15,000 in seed money and a $500,000 investment from media mogul John Malone, made her one of wealthiest women in America.

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Someone alert the Irony Police, please. I’m sure BET President and CEO Debra Lee has the best of intentions in hosting this event – or at least wants to appear as though she does – but the entire concept warrants a major side-eye. Here’s a crazy idea: Maybe if BET stopped enthusiastically airing and promoting things like Frankie & Neffe or the “Tip Drill” video, these “leadership talks” wouldn’t be necessary!

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