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With all of the educational resources at my disposal, there's no excuse not to know how to handle my natural texture.

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After a long battle to include protective hairstyles for women of color in their uniform policy, the Marine Corps Uniform Board 215 decided to make the traditional hairstyles permissible options, as long as the styles are "professional and neat in appearance."

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According to the United States surgeon general, Black women are harming their health avoiding physical activity because they’ve invested considerable amounts of time and money in their hair. Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, who is Black herself, knows the issues Black women have when it comes to “sweating out” their hair. “Oftentimes you get women saying, […]

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Editor’s Note: This makes me laugh! Relax your hair (because having nappy, Black hair during Black History Month is too militant and Panther-y and subversive.

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