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Howard University has partnered with Verizon Wireless to ensure diversity in the future in the science, mathematics, engineering and technology (STEM) field.  According to the Howard Newsroom, the HBCU is apart of Verizon’s STEM Education Initiative for Black Youth …

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Although I've never regretted my decision to exchange my angels for ancestors, I struggle daily with the ignorance and fear that surround my beliefs in IAS.

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Most 11-year-olds are getting ready to transition into junior high school, but not Elijah Preccieley. This pre-teen is gearing up to go to college. KSLA reports that the Baton Rouge, LA resident has been accepted to Southern University Honors College.…

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Richard Jenkins has gone from being homeless to getting a full ride to Harvard University. The Philadelphia teen was homeless during his adolescent years and found solace in his dreams of going to the prestigious university. Now, …

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When it comes to success in any career field, confidence and perseverance are traits that will help any new graduate survive what can be a difficult climb up the career ladder. Office politics, being shut down by critical managers and …

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Zeinab Abdalla was determined to walk across the stage after all of the hard work she'd put in.

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And she strut her stuff across the stage at the graduation to pick up her diploma.

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Dr. Umar is wrong about a lot of things, but when it came to protecting my son from falling victim to the special education system, he was 100% right.

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Like a blonde-haired vixen named Joanne, college scammed us all. Running off with our financial freedom and leaving us $80,000 paper cuts.

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Jasmine Harrison, 17,  has been accepted to 113 colleges out of the 115 she applied to and received $4.5 million in merit-based scholarships.

“It was overwhelming at first because there were so many options,” she told the New York Times

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Bria Snell, India Skinner, and Mikayla Sharrieff are three young, black women who are making big moves in STEM and recently developed a water purification system that would allow their fellow students at D.C.’s Benjamin A. Banneker Academic High School …

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Students in the Noble Network are reportedly not being given adequate opportunities to go to the bathroom, causing ongoing accidents with poor solutions.

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The Wakandan King himself, Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman continues to reign. Washington D.C.’s Howard University recently invited Boseman back to his alma mater to deliver the keynote at its 150th commencement ceremony on May 12th. News station WJLA

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Incarcerated Black women face issues of labor exploitation, sexual victimization, overmedication, and assault on reproductive rights. The incarceration rate for Black women is more than twice that of White women—a racial disparity that has remained even as the overall rate of incarceration has declined. Incarcerated women face a host of human and civil rights concerns, including labor exploitation, sexual victimization, overmedication, and assault on reproductive rights.

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A new report released Thursday found that, while black women are becoming a political and economic powerhouses, they’re still quite vulnerable in other respects. “Black Women in the United States, Progress and Challenges” examined data from the past six decades from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services, among […]

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For decades, women have been trying to close the wage gap with men, who still earn more than their female peers with the same level of education. But one group — young, single women with no children — has closed that gap and is pulling ahead of their male counterparts.

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perfect kid-thumb-400xauto-9518

From TheGrio.com:

What are the odds of a student graduating high school with perfect attendance…since kindergarten?

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