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Since you are around, and you ask for help often, you’ll also be asked for help. So you could find your Saturday plans to hit the beach are derailed by your mom’s request to help her re-paint her office.

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You can’t do the traditional thing where his side of the family sits on one side of the aisle and her side sits on the other. The bride’s side looks sadly empty.

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I often have to apologize to my boyfriend, for my parents’ comments. Sometimes, they’re not as sensitive as they could be when he’s going through a hard time, nor as encouraging as they could be during his victories. My parents don’t even realize I make apologies for them.

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Creating a sense of teamwork around the house can really help bust jealousy. Rather than having your two kids do the exact same thing, side by side (like fold laundry), give them different parts of one, big task. That way, they will feel like they built something together, but can’t compare their skills in their tasks because they did different things.

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