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That moment when you text each other to say, “Did you see the invitation for so-and-so’s birthday? It starts at 9pm?! Who starts a party that late! It’s rude, really.” And your friend completely agrees.

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If you have plans with someone at noon, and you have things you’d like to do before those plans, then you just need to set an alarm, get up early, and finish those things by noon. What you can’t do is continue to push back those plans with your friend to 1, then 2, then 3, because you failed to manage your time properly.

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While your mom friend could use an occasional night away from her kids, you shouldn’t only choose venues and activities that aren’t child-friendly. Try to meet her halfway. Try to show that you are aware of this major life change.

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If this person has called you several times in a panic and said they need you to talk to them or go to them right then and there because they’re having a panic attack or don’t know what to do with themselves, you’re the crisis friend. They believe that you will drop everything you’re doing to tend to their emotions. They don’t have boundaries.

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Countless times I’ve had a male friend tell me that a male friend of his was cheating on his wife or girlfriend and…it didn’t bother him. He felt it had nothing to do with their friendship. Let me tell you something: between female friends, if one woman does something questionable that doesn’t affect her friendships, her friends still judge her for it.

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