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From vodka sodas to mojitos, MadameNoire has your go-to list for all your low-calorie cocktails as summer gets into full swing.

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Don’t feel insecure about making those around you accommodate your needs. If the whole car needs to pull over so you can get a snack and not faint, so be it. It’s better to inconvenience people a little in that way, than a lot by having to take you to urgent care.

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Don’t remove the yolks every morning. If you make a three-egg omelet, leave in a yolk or a yolk and a half. The yolk has far more nutrients than the whites, like choline, which is critical for nerve, brain, and liver function.

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Boost your healthy gut flora naturally with these foods.

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But we aren't feeling that. We haven't heard of anyone getting sick from choosing to wash poultry before cooking it.

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Now that you’re eating meat again, all of your friends who had very strong (hidden) opinions about your veganism come out of the woodwork. You hear a lot of honesty you didn’t need to hear. Everyone wants to tell you all the judgmental things they thought when you were a vegan.

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