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Don’t feel insecure about making those around you accommodate your needs. If the whole car needs to pull over so you can get a snack and not faint, so be it. It’s better to inconvenience people a little in that way, than a lot by having to take you to urgent care.

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Of course, he comes back from the doctor and hasn’t asked her half the questions I told her to ask him. So the next time he goes to the doctor, I insist on going with him. He doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

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Women of color are often left out of conversations about wellness. But a new half-day community wellness conference taking place in Brooklyn this weekend is looking to change that.

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Thin people are at a higher risk of osteoporosis. If you’ve gone overboard with weight loss or your doctor has told you that your BMI is too low, consider putting on enough weight to get to a healthy one. You could save your bones.

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She’ll think of not just what you’re going through today, but what you’ve gone through throughout your life. Were you ever in a car accident? Did you ever have an eating disorder? Were you some sort of advanced athlete at one point in your life? All of these things could play into what you’re experiencing today.

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Does one shoe wear out quicker than the other? You could be favoring one leg, due to pain in the other. Or, an alignment issue may have left one leg slightly shorter than the other.

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Your female doctor—let’s just say it—has a vagina! So she has experienced, firsthand, odd looking and smelling discharge, certain burning and itching sensations down there, and more. She may be able to more quickly identify what’s going on with your body, just by hearing about your symptoms, than a man can.

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Almost zero of my male friends own scales. Okay, okay—maybe women weigh themselves too much. But men don’t seem to weigh themselves at all. I can’t tell you how many of my male friends just “accidentally gained 25 pounds.” Women don’t do that. We don’t let a new extra five pounds go unnoticed.

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