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Former film producer Harvey Weinstein surrendered to New York police this morning to face rape and criminal sex act charges based on evidence by two women.

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There are several people who have years of allegations against the 80-year-old actor.

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Oronike Odeleye and Kenyzette Barnes created the #MuteRKelly campaign. Now, the Women of Color branch of the #TimesUp movement are amplifying it.

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Many Tracee Ellis Ross fans know her as beautiful, bold and dare I say it…even bubbly. The Black-ish star can also dress her behind off, but the one word many wouldn’t associate with the actress is angry. Ellis Ross is …

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Recent allegations against Russell Simmons have opened up more conversations about how Black women respond and report sexual assault against Black men.

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Black women are left out of conversations about sexual assault and generally denied the empathy that White women are given who are victimized.

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The #MeToo movement was originally created by social activist Tarana Burke 10 years before the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

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Ben Crump, the civil rights attorney, called an ex-Oklahoma City officer’s sentencing a rare opportunity to get full justice for his clients, who are poor, Black, and female, he said during an exclusive interview with NewsOne.

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His pleas to support R&B music are warranted, yes, but given Kelly's past and what that means for Black women, isn't it about time we stop separating the music from the man?

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Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty on 18 of 36 charges, which ranged from rape, sexual battery and other charges.

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CHICAGO — The brother of Oscar winner Mo’Nique said Monday on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show that he molested the actress when they were children and he wants to apologize to her.

Gerald Imes said on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that the molestation continued for a year or two, starting when he was 13 and Mo’Nique was 7 or 8.

“I abused and betrayed the trust of another sibling, my sister, my blood sister,” Imes said. He apologized to the actress, saying “I’m sorry, Mo’Nique. I’m sorry.”

Imes said he decided to appear on Winfrey’s show to apologize to Mo’Nique and bring their family back together. Imes said he himself was molested and he was using drugs and alcohol at age 11.

“Hopefully somewhere, somehow as siblings we can come back together as brother and sister,” he said.

Mo’Nique has discussed her brother’s molestation in previous interviews. She hasn’t responded to a request for comment sent to her publicist. Winfrey said Mo’Nique didn’t want to be a part of the interview but gave Winfrey her blessing.

“She said if your expressing what you had done to her could save one family then it would be worth it,” Winfrey told Imes. Mo’Nique’s parents also appeared on the episode.

“It was such a heartbreaking thing to accept,” said her mother, Alice Imes.

Mo’Nique received the supporting actress Academy Award in March for her role in “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.”

Updated 04.19.10, 1:54 p.m. – Oprah To Interview Mo’Nique’s Molesting Brother

From BlackVoices.com:

On Monday’s (April 19) episode of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ the revered media maven will take the sexual-abusing sibling of Oscar winner Mo’Nique to task.

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