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The Paradox of Good Enough

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The Paradox of Good Enough

Sometimes change can seem so hard, so daunting, that we just stick to the status quo in our lives. “Oh, it’s good enough,” we’ll say. Or: “It’s not the best, but hey, it could be worse.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your job? It’s good enough for now. I mean, I wish I was doing something else, but at least I’m working when so many people are unemployed.

Your current boyfriend/jumpoff? He’s all right for now. He’s got issues, but it’s just something to do until the right one comes along.

Each of us probably has one or two or ten things in our lives that’s “just OK.” Even though we know it can be so much better. We even dream of the possibilities . . . until that damn lizard brain shows up to rain on our parade. The lizard brain asks dumb questions like:

Who are you to want something more?

Why are you so high maintenance?

Why can’t you just be happy with what you have?

With all of its insistent curiosity, though, the lizard brain never asks the really important questions that need to be answered as we move forward in our life journey.

What truly amazing relationship are you keeping yourself from by settling for one that’s just “good enough?”

What are you missing out on by staying in a dead-end job?

How are you limiting yourself by pretending to be content with your current state of being?

On it’s face, “good enough” seems like something to be happy about. But when you allow yourself to think about what you really want, you might find that you’re just settling out of fear that you won’t get it. Let’s keep it real with ourselves, shall we? If given a choice between good and great, most of us would probably choose the latter.

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