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Three Ways to Force Yourself to Pursue Your Goals

Personal Development & Spirituality -

Three Ways to Force Yourself to Pursue Your Goals

I attended the Oahu online entrepreneurs meetup last month when I was in Hawaii. It was a really cool group of people there sharing information, ideas and inspiration about how they make a living with various online businesses.

I met a guy who had just quit his job, sold all his stuff and moved to Honolulu to live by the beach and start his own web design company. Amazing.

He and I talked about how productive you become when you force yourself to create. Without the security of a full-time job, now he HAS to hustle. It’s sink or swim for this guy. No turning back. He chose to follow his own dream and now it was time for him to turn it into reality.

Could you do that?

If you wanted to. If you forced yourself to, maybe.

Without any “way out,” people will, more often than not, rise to the challenge and do remarkable things with their lives.

Why? Well, without a “Plan B” there’s kinda no other choice but to pursue your Plan A.

If you’re struggling to make progress on your own dreams and goals, it might be time to start introducing some constraints to force yourself to get going.

What kind of constraints?

Set a Firm Deadline

Give yourself a deadline for when you want to complete XYZ by. Write it down. Put it on your calendar. Set reminders on your iPhone. Schedule all your free time around your dream. Block out your early mornings, evenings and weekends for the next six months. If you’re serious, this is how it gets done. It’s the only way that “someday” will ever be more than a fairy tale.

Create External Pressure

Tell everyone you’re going to do whatever it is you want to do. And tell them when. (See #1.) Announce it on your blog, like Monique at Brown Vegan just did with her new vegan consulting service for moms. Tell all your friends. Talk to your family about it. That way, every time you run into someone, they’ll ask you “how’s that goal coming?” You’ll be embarrassed if you haven’t made any progress, yet blabbed your mouth off about it to everyone around you.

Make One Big Move

Instead of taking baby steps for nine years, you might get further faster by going ALL IN right now. Your One Big Move is the decision that, once you make it, there’s no turning back. Taking this leap will throw you into the deep end of the pool with the sharks. The guy I met in Hawaii made his One Big Move by literally moving. He sold all his stuff and moved to where he wanted to live with an idea and a plan. Your One Big Move might be quitting your job, leaving your partner, selling your house, entering into a formal business partnership with someone or any other decisions that force you to abandon the old life you keep saying you want to change.

How will you force yourself to pursue your goals this year?

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