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Trust Your Gut and Take the Leap: HBW Goes to Thailand!

Lifestyle & Travel, Personal Development & Spirituality -

Trust Your Gut and Take the Leap: HBW Goes to Thailand!

Photo from the villa where I’ll be staying in Koh Tao, Thailand

Back in 2011, I decided to give up my apartment in DC to reduce my living expenses and save money for international travel. Since then, I’ve gone on two extended trips –  Hawaii (Oahu) in 2011 and Europe (Greece, Italy and Spain) in 2012. My plan was to visit Asia last year, but I only had enough money to choose one trip and Europe turned out to be the cheaper one.

Then earlier this year, I came across an opportunity to travel to Asia with a group of entrepreneurs through a really cool concept called Project Getaway. Essentially, it’s a trip designed to bring together a few dozen location-independent professionals, business owners and creatives together in a tropical paradise for one month to work, relax and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

I’d actually heard about the group a while back from Stacey, a blogger I was following at My Lifestyle Max. She had gone with the group on a previous trip to Bali, Indonesia and shared about her experience. As soon as I heard about it, I wanted to go! SOMEDAY…LOL. I signed up for their mailing list to be notified about upcoming trips and was excited to learn that this year’s Project Getaway would be in Thailand! At the time, I hadn’t saved up enough money to go, so I brushed it off. Again, saying SOMEDAY.

About a month later, I got an update email from the Project Getaway trip organizers stating there was ONE spot left. Something in my gut told me not to delete the email. Think about it, Rosetta. Even though it would be a stretch for me financially, something within me said GO. You never know when you’ll get a chance like this again. Thailand is on my bucket list of places I want to visit before I die. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, but since I’ve never been to Asia, this is one trip I didn’t really want to go on by myself. And now I had the chance to go with like-minded people that I could actually learn from, connect with and work on my business while living the island life for a month.

So I listened to my gut and applied for the open slot, both scared that I wouldn’t get in and terrified that I actually would. I had a Skype interview with one of the organizers and was accepted to join the group. I paid my fee for a shared room (the cheapest option available) and started putting money aside for my flight. I booked my flight today and I couldn’t be more excited to visit Asia for the first time! I’ll be gone for about a month from early April-early May.

I’ll be blogging more about my trip planning in the coming weeks and I’ll also try to document my experiences once I get to Thailand. For now, I just wanted to share what happened after I submitted my Project Getaway application.

Right after I pressed “submit,” it felt like I had declared my desires to the universe and it HEARD me. Things began shifting quickly in my business to bring more income into my life, even despite it being a slow speaking season for me. Both online courses I’ve offered so far this year have filled up, with people on a waiting list for the next ones. I’ve been able to collect on future speaking income right now by having clients I’ll be working with later this year pay me a 50% deposit upfront.

It’s almost like the universe was daring me to say YES to myself. And once I did, things began moving on my behalf. I’ve been working hard this quarter and I’m giving myself permission to experience some of that payoff sooner rather than later.

Is there a place where you’re being called to do this yourself? Maybe there’s an area in your life that you really want to improve or explore – your career, business, romantic relationships, health or even just your overall lifestyle. Attending to that space with dedicated focus for a few months could help you start seeing big results and new possibilities.

Instead of waiting for SOMEDAY, you might be surprised at what’s truly possible for you to do TODAY.

Is it time for you to start trusting your gut and take a leap? 

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