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Two Ways to Set Effective Goals (VIDEO)

In today’s video post, I share two simple, yet powerful strategies for setting effective goals. If you use these tips, they will help you get clear about your goal and push you to accomplish it faster.

In the video, I share the following goal-setting tips:

Be specific. (What exactly do you want to achieve?)

If you want to achieve any goal, it helps to be as specific as possible. Don’t be afraid to tell the universe exactly what you want! Remember that vague goals often produce vague results. For example, “I want to make more money” is a pretty vague goal. Everybody wants to make more money, right? But how MUCH more do you want to make? If you were to say, “I want to be earning $50,000 per year,″ that would be more specific. (And more inspiring as well!)

Set a deadline. (By when do you want to achieve it?)

I love giving my clients deadlines for achieving their goals. It’s the only thing that actually makes your dreams real, instead of just fantasies in your head. So give yourself a deadline for when you want to complete your goal by. Instead of saying “One of these days, I want to make more money,” say “I want to be earning more money by December 31, 2013″ instead. The act of stating a deadline is what makes you accountable to yourself.

See how this all works? When you’re clear about what you want and when you want to have it, you’re likely to make faster progress on your dreams.

Leave a comment below: What’s your big goal? Tell us WHAT it is and WHEN you want to accomplish it by!


Rosetta Thurman is the Founder of Happy Black Woman, a supportive community that empowers women to create their ideal lives through personal development and entrepreneurship. Join thousands of women who have completed the only online course that gives you all the tools you need to get unstuck, set clear goals and rediscover who you truly are. Learn more about my 31 Days to Reset Your Life program here.

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