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VIDEO: Start Choosing Instead of Waiting to Be Chosen

Personal Development & Spirituality, Videos -

VIDEO: Start Choosing Instead of Waiting to Be Chosen

This past Sunday, I did an Instagram livestream (follow me @happyblackwoman) from my kitchen while cooking dinner and listening to 90s R&B music.

It was raw – no makeup, no filter, no index card with my notes on it. And it was also one of my most-watched IG livestreams ever!

My topic was “Start Choosing Instead of Waiting to Be Chosen” – which is all about being in your power and showing up as the leader of your life instead of conforming to what society says you’re “supposed” to do.

In the video, I talked about:

  • What happened when I began choosing to do exactly what I wanted to do in my life instead of waiting for permission and validation
  • Why I quit my PhD program back in 2009
  • The lies we have been taught as women that cause us to SETTLE for mediocre relationships
  • My personal spiritual beliefs and how to know your goals are aligned with what God wants for you
  • How to evaluate your current circle of “friends” and remove negative people from your life (and what to do about difficult family members)
  • The first steps to getting started with creating the life you really want
  • …and much more!

What I have discovered is that the journey of liberation involves becoming the kind of woman who CHOOSES instead of waiting to be chosen in her life, career, business and relationships. 

This process is NOT easy because it requires you to literally re-program your brain with new beliefs that may go against what you were taught – that you have to act a certain way so you can be loved, accepted and CHOSEN.

But do you want to know the truth?

You are already worthy of every good thing – just by virtue of being BORN.

If you are reading this email, it means you are meant to live an abundant life – not a life filled with doubt, fear and struggle.

You are beautiful.

You are loved.

And you are MORE than enough.

Leave me a comment: In what areas of you life can you start choosing instead of waiting to be chosen?

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