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Why You Should Always Take a Chance on Yourself

Personal Development & Spirituality -

Why You Should Always Take a Chance on Yourself

I fell in love with Gregory Porter sometime last year. His music is jazzy, original and real. One of my favorite songs of his is called, “But Beautiful.” (Here is a link to Gregory’s live performance of the song in Germany.)

This line hit home for me:

Love is tearful or it’s gay. It’s a problem or it’s play. It’s a heartache either way…

Over the last five years, I’ve built two different businesses, lived in a dozen different cities and experienced several different romantic relationships. Although I’ve enjoyed the feelings of happiness, success and freedom through my lifestyle, I’ve also had my share of loneliness, failure, doubt, confusion, disappointment and heartbreak along the way.

Every time I try something new in my personal or professional life, there’s a risk that it won’t “work out.” (I wrote about this extensively in my post on moving to Hawaii.)

But what I’ve discovered is the real risk is not in failing…it’s in NOT TRYING at all. The real risk is in never knowing what your life could be like if only you took a chance on yourself.

Through it all, I remain grateful for the growth that comes from stepping out on faith, again and again – in life, in business and in love.

So back to my man Gregory Porter…

The song says:

Beautiful to take a chance and if you fall, you fall…

When you break it down to the most simplistic level, life encompasses two sides of the same coin – the good and the bad.

In business, there are highs and lows. In relationships, there are ups and downs. In life overall, you win some and you lose some.

What Gregory’s amazing song reminds us is that all of it – the good AND the bad – is beautiful.

All of it is beautiful.

No matter what happens on the way to your destination, the journey will ALWAYS be worth it. The mistakes you make, the failures you experience and the heartache you endure may be painful, but the lessons you learn from it all are what make life interesting, rich and meaningful.

Choose to have a FULL life instead of one that is limited by fear.

Trust yourself. You can handle whatever comes your way.

I’m sure of it.

Leave a comment: When was the last time you took a chance on yourself? What did you learn from the experience?

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