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Win Your Own Lottery

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Win Your Own Lottery

All of us have said it at least once in our lives.

If only I could win the lottery . . .

I remember going down to the corner store with my grandmother in Ohio when I was a little girl. She had this little booklet of lottery number combinations and what they meant, sort of like an astrology book. It all confused me at the time, but as I got older I saw the debilitating effect of this habit of spending a dollar a day on an impossible dream. I’m sure Grama spent at least $365 a year on lottery tickets back then, even though we were still living in public housing, on the government’s dime.

I think about how easy it is to dismiss your own potential if you’re waiting around to hit the number, as if that’s the only way you’ll be able to have everything you want in life. As if that’s the only true path to happiness (which just happens to be all but unattainable.)

What happens when we wish for things that are outside of our control?

And not just the Mega Millions, but things like having a flawless body or the perfect boyfriend. It keeps us from striving for what’s really most important to us – not the things themselves, but the feeling of contentment that we can obtain in so many other ways.

I admit that I’m not up on the odds for winning the lottery these days, but I’m confident that they are still slim to none. Given the futility of wishing for that lucky four-number combo, maybe it’s time to start hitting your own numbers. Bet on yourself and your own ability to earn money from your unique skills and talents. That’s where the real jackpot is.

And the best part? No one else controls it but you.

Do you play the lottery? Are you still waiting to win?

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