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Your Dreams Are Still Worth Fighting For

Personal Development & Spirituality -

Your Dreams Are Still Worth Fighting For

As soon as I woke up this morning, I put on my gospel music playlist (as I usually do on Sundays) and came across a song I hadn’t heard before:

“Worth Fighting For” by Brian Courtney Wilson.

Here are some of the inspirational lyrics:

Eyes haven’t see, ears haven’t heard
All you have planned for me…

Nothing can separate me from your love when
There’s so much more still worth fighting for.

And I’ve had this song on repeat ever since.

The lyrics remind us that regardless of the obstacles you face in life…your dreams are still worth fighting for!

It doesn’t matter what it looks like right now.

It doesn’t matter what other people are saying about you.

Be determined to walk by FAITH because if you just refuse to give up, you will live to see the truth that the journey was so worth it.

You’re a part of my tribe because deep in your heart, you know that you were made for SO MUCH MORE.

And today, I want you to imagine…

What would your life look like if you simply started ACTING like it?

Your life, your business, your relationships, your career, your health – all of it could change drastically once you decide that your success is worth a significant investment of your time, energy and money.

You don’t have to settle for a “normal” life.

You don’t have to just keep “going through the motions” and blindly accept that this is how your life is supposed to be.

You can absolutely walk in your purpose, honor your calling and manifest the big vision you have been given for your life.

All you have to do is DECIDE that from now on – starting today – things will be different.

Will you do that?

Have an amazing day :)



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