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Go-Kyo: Principles of Judo by Anton Geesink (E-Book)

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Using between one to four B/W photos for each technique, Anton Geesink leads us through all the 40 throws of the Gokyo. The descriptions are adequate, if brief, and nothing makes this books stand out other than the identity of the author.

When Dr. Jigoro Kano founded his system of Judo at the end of the last century, he established the classification of the then developed throws into Five Series-the famous Go-Kyo. These are the basis of the classical Judo technique, and on them the champions build up their repertoire. In this book Anton Geesink, who has achieved the highest honours in championship Judo, presents the Five Series to the West.

He is well qualified for the task, for he not only studied these techniques under the leading Japanese teachers in the main Japanese training-halls, but he has repeatedly demonstrated his mastery of many of them in contest against the top-level Japanese contest experts themselves.

He has gone further. Dr. Kano himself said that the development of technique in Judo is limitless, and Geesink is one of the few Westerners to develop special skill in certain variations which are gradually tending to become new throws in their own right. It is his view that the time will come when these new techniques will be formed into a new Series-the Sixth Series.

In this book he gives an authoritative account of the present Five Series, which must be the basis of the technique of every aspiring Judo student.