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Tai Chi Combat by Paul Crompton (E-Book)

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This introduces the principles and techniques of the combative form of T'ai Chi to readers. The book describes the style of T'ai Chi traditionally practiced in the West, emphasizing soft, slow meditative movements and breathing in the yin style as in push hands exercises. By practicing the hard, fast, fighting actions or yang styles "T'ai Chi Combat" offers a more complete and balanced appreciation of the ancient Chinese art. Inviting the reader to "think, sense, and feel" T'ai Chi movements the author discusses the history and philosophy of the martial art as well as offering step-by-step instructions and exercises. Diagrams and photographs supplement the descriptions of pushing, pulling, twisting, whipping and other movements. Chinese concepts and techniques are made clear to Western readers by the use of familiar vocabulary and comparisons to everyday experiences. The author includes Chinese legends and Taoist teachings as well as personal anecdotes and observations to place the practice of T'ai Chi in a wider context and encourage a philosophical appreciation of the art.