Restart: The Small Business Guide to Thriving During Chaos. by Dave Ge — United Black Books
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Restart: The Small Business Guide to Thriving During Chaos. by Dave Gee (E-Book)

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★ Amazon Best Seller ★

If your Small Business has Been Negatively Impacted by the Coronavirus(COVID-19) and Needs Immediate Help Then Read On...

Small Business Experts Are Already Praising Restart.

“Restart is the must-have book for small businesses seeking to grow during challenging times like COVID-19." – Kevin Kaufman, SBDC (Small Business Development Center)

"Restart challenges leaders to question everything about their business model. Those that do, and are willing to act, will flourish through the good times and bad." - Aaron Jagdfeld, CEO, Generac

"Going back to business as usual and just cutting overhead is easy but just plain dangerous for small businesses right now. It is time to look at all facets of your business, develop new ideas and test, test, test. That is the only way you will grow. Restart shows you how."  - Frank Siebrecht, SCORE

"I love working with small businesses and startups. Restart is a dynamic tool that offers new ideas that can be implemented in your small business today." - Kathy Hust, Angel Investor and Business Advisor

Managing a Small Business through the Coronavirus is Overwhelming.

Small Businesses Now have 3 Strategic Paths to Choose From:

Path 1) Dive Strategy - Sell, merge or even closing their small business.

Path 2) Survive Strategy - Back to business as usual. Reduce staff or implement furloughs, cut back on product offerings or customer service, reduce store hours, etc.

Path 3) Thrive Strategy- Requires the mindset of a successful entrepreneur – focus, energy and a willingness to make sweeping changes. This means reassessing your business model. It certainly necessitates analyzing the business’s challenges and seeking insights from customers. Restart helps small businesses that choose that they want to THRIVE!

How Will Restart Help Your Small Business Thrive?

✓  Developing New Business Model Options

✓  Marketing Your Small Business

✓  Legally Protecting Your Small Business

✓  Raising Capital for Your Small Business

✓  Selecting Powerful Small Business Software

✓  Growing Small Business Ecommerce Sales

✓  Building the Ultimate Small Business Team

✓  Creating Small Business Pilots

✓  Managing Small Business Cash Flow

✓  Pivoting to Thrive

From the Author...

"I wrote Restart so that any Small Business Owner with the Passion, Focus and Adaptability can Grow Their Business Despite the Coronavirus. Restart is not just another business book of the month filled with theory. Restart is Practical, Insightful, Step-by-Step Guidebook filled with amazing interviews to help You and Your Small Business Thrive!"  Dave Gee, Amazon Best Selling Author

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