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107+ Handgun Accuracy Secrets by Delta Media (E-Book)

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107+ Handgun Accuracy Secrets provides helpful tips, drills, secrets, and advice from industry professionals to help you improve the accuracy, speed, confidence, and overall abilities with a handgun. Perfect for those learning to shoot or experienced shooters looking to increase their speed and accuracy with a handgun. You will learn excellent drills that you can do either at the range or in your home to improve your ability and skill with a pistol.

Included are chapters written by Massad Ayoob, Gabe Suarez, Kathy Jackson, Jack Rumbaugh, George Hill, and Larry Correia. Each chapter contains tips that can help you acheive accuracy beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Chapters include the following: Sight alignment, trigger control, proper grip techniques, long range accuracy, weak hand shooting, and HOW TO CURE A FLINCH. Also included is a chapter by Gabe Suarez on Point Shooting. Point shooting can be a valuable skill to know in a confrontation where you have to use your firearm within close proximity. Mastering the skills in 107+ Handgun Accuracy Secrets will allow you to shoot to the absolute limit of your handgun’s ability. And more importantly, it could save your life or the life of a loved one.