40 Survival Tools: 40 Essential Tools For Every Survival Kit (E-Book)

An outbreak of disease, power outages, and a multi-faceted terrorist attack are a few examples of what can and has unsettled our normal daily lives in the last twenty years. Were you prepared before? Are you better prepared now? You need to be ready for an unusual event every time you step outside of your home. If a disaster hits or an unexpected emergency occurs, are you prepared to leave your home-fast? You never know when a hurricane, earthquake, terrorist attack or other short-term disaster will strike your home town, but you can be prepared for any such event. You will be well prepared for any disaster if you follow the advices of this comprehensive survival guide. This book shows you how to create a self-contained Bug Out Bag and enables you to survive your journey from ground zero to a safe location. In this book we evaluate every component of your life and help you with emergency kits that will help you survive any disaster. The keys to survival are knowledge, situational awareness, and the will to survive when other people would usually give up. You will find: A complete Bug Out Bag checklist that recommends you exactly what to pack. Detail explanations and photos of every item you need in your BOB. The tools and items described in this book are lightweight, easy to use and often multi-purpose to save pack space. Whether you are a veteran survivalist or just getting started, use this book as a guide to make sure you have the necessary items to survive. From a college student to a professional busy with a stressful job, this book has you covered with common-sense approaches for dealing with difficult and challenging situations.