Africa’s Diabolical Entrapment; Exploring the Negative Impact of Christianity, Superstition and Witchcraft .. in Black Africa (E-Book)

“Africa’s Diabolical Entrapment” exposes Sub-Saharan Africa as a region that is wantonly bruised it its trap between two major religions in the continent namely Christianity and Traditional Animism. It compares religious beliefs in Africa with historical religious developments in other continents of the world to identify where Black Africa is getting it wrong. While advancing the central message that the belief in Witchcraft, Demigods, Spirits of the dead, the Ancestors and Jesus Christ is not peculiar to Africa it also emphasizes that the pervasiveness of these beliefs in today’s Africa poses a serious challenge to the intellectual growth of the society in general. Its conclusive projections and recommendations are definitely a subject of interest to stakeholders in the process of starting a long overdue debate in a continent that is waiting to find its place among progressive nations.