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American Survival Guide Prepper Survival Field Manual (E-Book)

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American Survival Guide Magazine Presents The Prepper Survival Field Manual Summer 2016 (FM-16) Featuring 9 Warrior Skills You Need for a Survival Situation, Survival Cordage: How to Make It, How to Use It, Learn to Identify When You Are Being Watched, Firecraft 101, DIY Fishing Kit, Emergency Kit Options, Gunfight: Fantasy vs. Reality, Master the Foundation of Navigation, Survival Mindset, Tap Into Plants, Field Expedient Knife Sharpening, Survival Shelters, Emergency Communications, Game-Getting Solutions to the Ultimate Hunger Game, Tracking Basics, Common Sense & Practical Field Medicine, Survivor's Guide to Hydration and Urban Disaster Timeline. Also, Cutting Tools, Fire, Water, Navigation, Illumination, Shelter, Cordage, First-Aid, Food Signaling and Communication.