eBook Pack - Black Panther Party (13 Books Included)


Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) A Brief Biography (E-Book)

The Assassination of Fred Hampton by Jeffrey Haas (E-Book)

Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements by George Beitman

Huey P. Newton: The Radical Theorist by Judson L. Jeffries (E-Book)

Revolutionary Suicide by Huey P. Newton (E-Book)

The Black Panther Party and The Case Of The New York 21 (E-Book)

The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told by Alex Haley (E-Book)

The Huey P. Newton Reader by David Hillard (E-Book)

We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party (E-Book)

Muhammad Ali: A Memoir - My Views of the Greatest (E-Book)

The Epic of Gilgamesh (E-Book)

Essays From The Minister Of Defense By Huey P. Newton (E-Book)

The Genius of Huey P. Newton (E-Book)