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Israels Debt to Egypt (E-Book)

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ISRAEL'S DEBT TO EGYPT By Edward H. Sugden, was originally published in 1928 by The Epworth Press in London & written in English. The New & Revised Edition published by the Lion of Judah Society (LOJS) contains additional commentary and illustrations, along Publisher's notes by Ras Iadonis Tafari. The book explores the historical contacts between Egypt and Israel, especially the influence of Egypt on the religion of Israel, i.e. language, literature; arts and crafts. Moses, the Lawgiver, was educated in Egypt and “was learned in all the wisdoms of the Egyptians.” Moses possessed an excellent knowledge of the Egyptian Religion. Wallis Budge says “the depth of his knowledge of Egyptian magico-religious ritual is proved by the closeness with which he followed it in constructing the Tabernacle, and in the regulations which he drew up concerning offerings, the equipment of the Tabernacle and the official dress of the priests.”

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