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Jack Schwager

Stock Market Wizards By Jack Schwager (E-Book)

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Stock Market Wizards (Harper Business)

Type: E-Book

Pages: 178

The third in the bestselling Market Wizards series, this time focusing on the barometer of the economy - the stock market.

It has been nearly a decade since the publication of the highly successful The New Market Wizards. The interim has witnessed the most dynamic bull market in US stock history, a collapse in commodity prices, dramatic failures in some of the world′s leading hedge funds, the burst of the Internet bubble, a fall into recession and subsequent rumblings of recovery. Who have been the market wizards during this tumultuous financial period? How did some traders manage to significantly outperform a stockmarket that during its heyday moved virtually straight up?

This book will feature interviews with a variety of traders who achieved phenomenal financial success during the glory days of the Internet boom. In contrast with the first two Market Wizard books, which included traders from a broad financial spectrum - stocks, bonds, currencies and futures - this volume will focus on traders in the stockmarket.

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Stock Market Wizards By Jack Schwager (E-Book) at Stock Market Wizards By Jack Schwager (E-Book) – United Black Books